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P R E S S   A N D   D O C U M E N T S

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Cover S6.jpg

Cover of Yves Ramette's Symphony No. 6 "Manfred"


Preface to Yves Ramette's Symphony No. 6 "Manfred"


On June 30, 1977, the Director of the Stichting Rotterdams Conservatorium Kees Stolwijk asks Yves Ramette to be a member of the jury of the "Prix d'Excellence d'orgue" which took place in September 1977.

Cover Organ Concerto.jpg

Cover of Yves Ramette's Concerto for Solo Organ


First page from Yves Ramette's Piano Sonata No. 2


Fifth page from Yves Ramette's Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2


Preface to Yves Ramette's "Ermia" poem for Organ


Preface to Yves Ramette's Symphony No. 5 "Hymn for Life"

Cover Concert Vox Ardens (20 juin 1984)

In the 1980s, a concert given by the mixed choir "Vox Ardens" created, directed and conducted by Yves Ramette.


Concert organized by the Association "Le Triptyque" (March 14, 1994, Salle Rossini, Paris)

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